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Karma based marketing – part deux

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Steve from

From: Steve
Subject: karma based marketing

I’ve been thinking more about this lately and re-read your blog post. Out of curiosity, what are you guys still (or what have you started) doing that you’d qualify as karma based marketing?

Steve was referring to a blog post about a year ago about Karma Based Marketing. The main idea of Karma based marketing is that you help people without expectation of making a sale from them.

Steve’s email made me realize that while we’re doing a bit of Karma based marketing, we could be doing a lot more. Luckily there are a few projects currently under way that fit squarely in this bucket.

The latest KBM opportunity — no strings attached

The book Traction by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares just came out. There are 19 different traction channels described in the book. I was floored when asked to give advice for the chapter on email, and really happy to help.

For people who purchased the book, I wanted to offer them a deeper look at email with a live class on September 25th @ 10 am pacific. Justin encouraged me to open the class up to all of you too, so here we are!

I’m putting together a ton of new material for the class. If you’re here, you’re probably either actively using or considering email as a traction channel for your business. You should find a lot of great examples to help and inspire you.

What do you say? Sound interesting?

Learn more about the class and attend

Happy emailing,

P.S. What else could we do to help you succeed in your job? More videos and classes about email marketing? Drip email courses about different topics? Blog posts about a particular topic?