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June Release Notes

We kicked off summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere with a trio of big releases: a new Analysis Page, Workspace Permissions, and opened up our Collections Beta to everyone. Read on to learn more about our new features and smaller improvements in June. 

What’s New?

Analysis Page

Metrics for an entire workspace can now be viewed in one location: the new Analysis page! This enables you to compare metrics across multiple campaigns and broadcasts. Reports can be filtered by name, tag, or specific time range then viewed as either a table or a chart.


A Collection is a new way of storing data in that allows you to represent “things” that exist in your business. For example, a Collection could be a list of upcoming events, promotions/coupons, or online courses. Within campaigns, you can query those Collections to find the data relevant to each individual person. For more details, check out the docs.

During the Collections open beta, you can use this new functionality with confidence throughout your campaigns, but don’t forget to share your feedback with our product team at We’re actively listening for suggestions to expand Collections in the future!

Workspace Permissions

Workspaces are often used for isolating projects, clients, or apps from each other within a single account.  We’ve added the ability to configure user access to only certain workspaces. Admins can now visit the Team Members page to grant and remove these access permissions.

New Workspace Manager Role

As part of Workspace Permissions, we’ve added a new Workspace Manager role for team members who need to manage a Workspace’s delivery settings, API keys, integrations, imports, and exports. These permissions have been removed from Authors, who are limited to managing campaigns and content. Visit the Team Members page to change team member permissions.

Automatically Archiving Unused Segments

To help maintain the real-time processing performance of your account, we started automatically archiving unused segments. Any segment you have not used in the past 60 days will be automatically archived. This will not affect the messages you are sending in campaigns or newsletters and you can unarchive at any time.

Smaller Improvements

  • A new block is available in our Drag ‘n Drop Email Editor: Icons. Use Icons to mix icons and images with text in a way that looks good on both desktop and mobile devices. This is useful when displaying star ratings, for example, or for creating a bullet list with images.
  • You can now export the segment membership count over time as a CSV for use in other tools. Find this ”Change in membership” option under the “Export” dropdown on each Segment page.
  • Quickly and securely sign in to using your Google account! Click “Sign in with Google” on the Login page, or go to your Personal Settings and link your Google account. 

We’ll see you next month! In the meantime, stay updated with the latest releases and improvements by following on Twitter. Questions? Comments? Send them over to