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June 2019 Release Notes

Following the refreshed UI from last month, we launched a new campaign workflow builder only available in the beta design!

What’s New?

  • Drag and drop new actions out of a sidebar
  • Open canvas view
  • Pan and zoom to get either a detailed or high level view of your workflows

View the full documentation and learn more about the new visual workflow builder here.

Smaller Improvements

  • We made many changes to the design refresh beta based on the feedback we received from you, such as taking down the brightness on some of our new colors, adjusting responsiveness for big screens, and adding an account logo.
  • Fixed a bug where the actions (emails, sms, webhooks, etc) did not appear in the workflow, but just shown as errors. That’s fixed now, so you can see the actions within your workflow as you’d expect.
  • When in a collapsed state, the side navigation with expand on hover.
  • Fixed a bug so you are now able to export newsletters with a date range.
  • We deployed several significant infrastructure optimizations to improve the performance of large newsletter sends.

What’s Next?

We’re getting ready to move out of beta and permanently release the refreshed UI design with the new drag and drop workflow builder to all users. All non-beta users will be notified of this change happening on July 23.

We’ve loved all the conversations we’ve had with you about the product feedback. Please continue to provide feedback regarding the refreshed UI and new visual workflow builder. We are carefully listening to each and every request (no matter how small!) to make improvements.

In the meantime, stay updated with the latest releases and improvements by following on Twitter. Questions? Comments? Send them over to