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June Release Notes

Here’s the full behind-the-scenes run-down of what our team was up to in June, and what that means for you.

** Read API!** You can now connect your app and automation tools to the data that’s stored in After many requests over the years, we’re proud to roll out read access. You can now programmatically retrieve data on your customers, campaigns, segments, and messages. View the full list of beta API endpoints, and send us your feedback to help shape how we build it.

New features for Push

Push: First and foremost, we want to thank the customers (you know who you are!) who have been participating in our beta, sending push notifications, and giving us priceless feedback. This involvement has directly influenced the following improvements:

We can’t wait to see how our customers integrate multiple channels into campaigns — email, Push, SMS, and beyond — to make sure that people are not just sent the right message, but on the right device at the right time.

Larger fixes

  • CSV imports Problems with your CSVs are more clearly explained and visualized, so you can avoid errors in the data you’re uploading. We also fixed a small edge-case bug with skipping mapping for empty columns.

UI and usability improvements

  • Paid accounts can now send test emails to up to 25 recipients, instead of the previous limit of 3.
  • Dashboard reports now include a failure count which, when clicked, takes you to a filtered view of all of those failed sends:
  • Our signup page has a clearer call to action for those users looking to join an existing company account:
  • Our Activity Logs are now much less confusing when it comes to understanding which data belongs to deleted profiles, when new ones with the same id are created.
  • If the To: field in your emails was anything other than {{}}, our deliveries export didn’t include that. We do now!
  • Help is just a little bit closer: our support form now defaults to your email address.
  • The drag and drop editor, custom SMTP server, and CSV imports all got some clearer copy throughout!

Sprucing and speeding up

  • Webhook actions using GET or DELETE methods are now sent without a body, just to make sure there are no failures when they’re sent.
  • We’re continuing to overhaul our billing system to make it more secure, maintainable, and performant. No user-facing changes yet, but major improvements behind the scenes
  • We also rolled out some code which significantly improved segment build times in some cases. Build timers went from timing-out long ( > 60 seconds) to 1-2 ms. #speedy

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