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July Release Notes

When planning a roadmap, it’s difficult to deny the allure of focusing only on groundbreaking shiny new features. This month, we focused on housekeeping by investing in parts of the app that everyone uses, but no one writes home about: email delivery configuration, our billing interfaces, and tuning existing features based on feedback.

What’s New?

Email Sending Domains

Email Sending Domains and Sender Identities have been combined into a single view. Now you can quickly see whether or not the addresses used in your emails have been correctly configured for deliverability and link tracking. These changes also simplify the process of adding new domains or deleting unused ones. You’ll find Sending Domains by going to “Workspace Settings” and selecting “Email”.

Redesigned Receipts

We’ve redesigned our receipt pages and emails to give you a clear and detailed explanation of your bill. These changes resolve a handful of issues where line items were being confusingly presented or missing sufficient information. As always, please let us know at if you ever have questions. 

mParticle Integration

mParticle is a Customer Data Platform that helps you unify all your tracking and pass the data along to marketing and analytics tools. Our new integration lets you set up as an mParticle Source, sending Email, SMS, and Push events as they occur in real-time. Search for mParticle on the “Integrations” page to learn more about how to configure this connection.

Data Exports and UI Refinements for the Analysis Page

The metrics you’re viewing on the Analysis page can now be exported as a CSV for use in other tools. The exported data is broken down by channel, metric, and time period. We also simplified the UI so queries run automatically and to ensure that all queries plus display options will be saved in the URL so you can quickly share your exact view with others.

Smaller Improvements

  • You’ll now see our logo displayed in Slack messages sent from 

  • When people are suppressed from being re-added (often for GDPR compliance), we show that as a failure reason in CSV imports.

We’ll see you next month! In the meantime, stay updated with the latest releases and improvements by following on Twitter. Questions? Comments? Send them over to