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July Release Notes

July was a huge month for! Both Push and our drag-and-drop editor left the beta label in the dust! Both have all the desired features to send the right messages to your customers— go check them out, and you’ll be hearing about them in our upcoming emails (if you’re subscribed, that is)!

Read on for more!

Push Notifications

We released a range of features to make your Push experience better:

  • New dynamic previews, so you can better visualise your notifications on a range of possible end user devices and contexts!
  • Better error messaging, so you know exactly how to troubleshoot.
  • More intuitive configuration screens, with step-by-step instruction.
  • Custom payloads: Write your own push notification code for control and flexibility. For extra interactivity, you can also use payloads to add images and deep links!


All that was stopping our editor from fully taking flight were a couple of bugs—one with saving timeouts, and another with special characters in Liquid. Both are now fixed, and we have a super-fancy new starting screen. No more modal!

Smaller features and improvements

Read API Endpoints

The beta Read API we released last month got lots of shiny new endpoints for exports, messages, customers, message metadata, and segments. Check them out!

New stuff

  • Your campaigns now have description fields:

  • Searching for a specific email address inside sent campaigns, newsletters, drafts, and delivery logs is now available again in the UI! (Keep in mind, though, that it cannot be combined with filters.)

  • Segment based on valid/invalid email addresses:

  • Attributes on the People page are now readable dates, rather than UNIX timestamps.
  • When setting up your campaign, you’ll see your triggers and filters (if you have them) on the Goal page.
  • We added a cool little enhancement: scrolling for campaign and email names in segmentation:

  • Our Settings page UI has a few small changes, but its code got a big overhaul! As a result, you can now move much more smoothly between your workspace and global settings.
  • Our UI now displays better information for anonymous deliveries and deliveries to now-deleted profiles.

A few prominent fixes!

  • Fixed a bug that wasn’t allowing paused A/B tests to be copied, or a winner to be selected.
  • Allow deleting segments used in sent newsletters
  • Our campaign search now matches keywords in any order!

We’ll see you next month! In the meantime, stay updated with the latest releases and improvements by following on Twitter.

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