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January Release Notes

This month, we made it possible to add people to your workspace using only their email addresses and provided tools to save time when you create or edit complex campaign workflows. Read on to learn more about the features we shipped in the past month.

What’s New?

Email Addresses as Unique Keys

You’re probably used to identifying people by ID—a value that represents your audience as customers. Now you can identify people by their email addresses, helping you start conversations with people before they make a purchase, create an account, or subscribe to your service.

Select “Email address” as the identifier for your workspace

When you use email as your workspace’s unique key, each email address represents a unique person, helping you manage your audience directly by email address. To use email addresses as your unique key, create a new workspace and choose to identify people by “Email address”.

If you want to explore the possibility of converting an existing workspace to identify people by email address, contact

Multi-select, Copy, and Move in the Workflow Builder

Formerly, our campaign builder required you to create and modify workflow items individually. It took a lot of time and clicks to change the structure of your workflow. We added the ability to select, move, copy, and delete multiple workflow items so that, in just a few clicks, you can copy and move blocks while preserving their structure.

The workflow builder supports both hotkeys and click-and-drag functionality, so you can select and modify items using the input method that works best for you.

Copy Entire Workflows Across Campaigns

We also made it easier to copy entire workflows across campaigns and workspaces, helping you reuse your most successful messages and workflows. You can copy entire or partial workflows to or from another workflow using the Copy to and Copy from options.

Copy entire workflows across campaigns

That’s a wrap for now. We’ll see you next month! In the meantime, follow on Twitter to get updates about the latest releases and improvements. Questions? Comments? Send them to