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Introducing Actions

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Shift your campaigns into overdrive with Actions! Building on the strong foundation of our newly upgraded campaigns, we’ve added the ability for you to trigger a webhook to a huge number of compatible services.

Webhooks are handy as a way for applications to automatically deliver data into other apps in real-time. The new Actions takes that one step further by mobilizing our powerful segmentation and rules engine to trigger more than email.

Now you can connect to other communication channels and tools in your stack too. Send an SMS or push notification to your customers, trigger a notification to a Slack chatroom, or add CRM lead update for your sales team — all based on the behavioral data that’s flowing through and being managed in

What can you do with Actions?

If you’re familiar with webhooks, you can use a custom Action to pass data to just about any public API on the internet.

Easily test your webhook straight from our composer to ensure you’ve built the correct request. When you’re ready to go live, safely roll out your webhook with drafts enabled, just like you would for an email.

Not so familiar with webhooks? We’ve put together a few guides for you on how to set up these actions:

Send an SMS to your users

Deliver a more personal notification to your users with an SMS sent through Twilio. Check out how to build your own.

Twilio action

Trigger an internal chat notification

Update your team directly with a Slack post when certain events are triggered like a failed payment. See how to build your own.

Slack action

Create a lead in your CRM

Create a lead for your sales team when a free user enters your onboarding campaign. See how we did it.

Closeio Action

Return data to your own API

Want to keep things in house? Easy! You can use a webhook to feed data right back into your application based on event or segment triggers.

API Action

Check out the whole collection of guides we’ve put together so far. We’re excited to see what you can build!

Want to learn more about why we decided to build Actions? Our CEO and co-founder Colin Nederkoorn digs into the strategy behind the Actions release and how it fulfills his vision for from way back when.

This Actions release paves the way to build direct integrations and we’d love to hear from you! Head here to tell us with what services you’d like us to do a direct integration.

Questions? Additional Action guide suggestions? Leave a comment below or get in touch with us at!