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Good marketing means no cold calls

Think back to your first job out of school. Were you totally out of your depth?

The part of my first job that made me anxious was trying reach new prospects to win their business. Everyone in the office could tell when it was phone call time. I would work myself up and go in to the conference room and shut the door. In my head, I ran through what I was going to say 50 times then dialed the number.

Ugh. I’m glad that’s not my life anymore.

Good marketing means no cold calls!

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know the power of content marketing. You won’t have to sit in a conference room sweating over the cold calls you have to make.

One of the most common and powerful tactics we see with SaaS companies is content marketing + inside sales.

You could split your funnel in to ToFu (Top of the Funnel), MoFu (Middle of the Funnel) and BoFu (Bottom of the Funnel), but for this article let’s keep it pretty simple.

Your marketing team creates blog posts, ebooks, and videos to generate interest in your business. When someone arrives on your site, they can just get the useful information (karma based marketing), or they can indicate interest in your product. If they are interested in your product (or start a trial), you have a warm lead. At that point an inside salesperson would reach out to help close the deal.

Most companies do a terrible job of keeping leads warm in an inbound sales process. Yes, you can automate your emails and that works really well. But for certain types of businesses a hybrid approach might work better.

One company that has built an amazing sales funnel is They use both and their own tool, (a sales CRM) to help people reach a buying decision. We’ve helped many of their customers set up a similarly powerful funnel in

Learn to be smarter with your time

If you’re a seasoned sales veteran or an entrepreneur wanting to build a more effective sales funnel:

Next wednesday Steli Efti, CEO of and I are going to be teaching a class where you’ll learn a proven system and some clever hacks for automating the things everyone forgets to do. You’ll be more efficient and turn more prospects in to happy customers.

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