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Sending emails 4x faster


This week we have our first production use of Foundation DB, a distributed database that we plan to use quite extensively as we grow

After several months of extensive testing, it’s the first database we came across that could handle your needs.

  • Migrated email data from MySQL to Foundation DB. This yielded ~ a 4x immediate improvement in the rate at which we send email and makes it much easier to scale in the future.
  • Rewrote our internal export tool in Go to make it faster to export data for customers.
  • When sending events, you can now specify an event UUID (Unique Identifier) helping us to avoid storing duplicate events.
  • Email IDs are now encoded, unguessable values instead of integers. This affects the campaign_id in webhooks as well as when people click the unsubscribe url. V3 progress

We’re moving ahead with V3 of Things are still unstable, so we’re not quite ready to invite people in, but we have an internal launch target.

  • You can now copy a “Manual Email”
  • Built the screens for viewing an email in “Triggered Emails”
  • Delivery window appears as a popover in the UI
    Delivery window