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February Release Notes

This month, we continued on our quest to help you capture and convert leads with a new Facebook Lead Ads integration. This integration builds on our release from last month, when we added a new type of workspace that lets you add leads—people you know only by their email address. Read on to learn more about this and everything else we shipped in the past month.

What’s New?

Facebook Lead Ads Integration

Our Facebook Lead Ads integration automatically adds people to your email-based workspace when they fill out Facebook Lead Ad forms.

You can also trigger campaigns whenever people fill out Facebook Lead Ads, automatically sending follow-up messages to nurture conversions.

Twilio WhatsApp Support

You can now send WhatsApp messages via Twilio just like SMS messages. When WhatsApp support is enabled, you can compose WhatsApp messages with customer data, and preview the output directly in our Twilio composer.

After you’ve set up access to the WhatsApp Business API, contact to enable WhatsApp support for your account.

New Liquid Filters: Format Numbers and Negative Conditions

We added two new liquid filters: currency and format_number. These filters take regional parameters, so you can format numbers to suit your audience’s local conventions.

For example: {{ 123456.78 | currency: "fr" }} outputs 123 456,78€

We also added a where_not filter, so you can take advantage of negative conditions—people who do not match an attribute value or an event where a value isn’t present. See our liquid tag list for more information about these filters.

Segment on Newsletter Test Variations

Now when you A/B test your newsletters, you can create segments of recipients based on the variation of the newsletter that they received. These segments can help you tailor follow-up messages based on the test variant that each member of your audience received.

For example, you could run an extended A/B test by sending a follow-up message to the segment of people who received a newsletter variant that under-performed other variants in the original newsletter.

That’s a wrap for now. We’ll see you next month! In the meantime, follow on Twitter to get updates about the latest releases and improvements. Questions? Comments? Send them to