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February Release Notes

Here’s what was new and improved in February!

Feature Improvements

Choose which attributes to export to CSV

From the People page in, you can now choose which attributes you’d like to include when exporting user data to CSV.

You’ll see a new dropdown where you can choose from three options to export:

  • All attributes
  • Displayed attributes (what you have currently displayed in the People table)
  • Choose attributes

Export options from People Search page

As before, you can still add filters to specify segments and/or attribute conditions to refine which users will be exported. Head here to learn more details.

Twilio alphanumeric IDs

Use alphanumeric sender IDs with our Twilio action to send SMS messages with your company or other branded name as the sender, instead of a phone number. (This one’s for those of you with customers outside of the U.S. and other supported countries.) Read our full announcement post.

Twilio alphanumeric ID preview

Small things:


  • The “insert link” modal will now close when you click outside of it.
  • Clicking on links in the composer Preview will now open in a new window.
  • We’ll perform email validation when you add a new from address.
  • We now allow ports 465 and 587 for in custom SMTP settings.


  • You now can’t disable Twilio when identities are in use; before, you could, and this would break a whole lot of messages!
  • The save bar would hide when trying to save after changing a “From” identity — or as our senior technical support engineer Livia so eloquently described it: “the save bar plays the mole game with me.” It’s now visible!

  • Fixed some redirect errors being caused by unused code.

  • When setting up the recipients for a newsletter, clicking to “View people matching conditions” will take into account your “Send to unsubscribed” setting. The Recipients number you see will now match the results in the People View.

count of newsletter recipients matching conditions

  • For newsletters set to send to ids in a CSV file, the “Send to unsubscribed” selection wasn’t saving in some edge cases. Presto, chango, fix-o!
  • There was an edge case where user activity logs didn’t show the correct number of events performed. We fixed that!

  • Some messages that were actually undeliverable would appear as queued, which is confusing because it sounds like the deliveries were still in the process of being sent. We fixed the error message to be more accurate and descriptive.

undeliverable error message is now clearer

  • We did a refactor of some UI code, which caused some errors (when viewing Journeys with grace periods and opening the composer when a newsletter had no recipients selected). Fixed those too!
  • We also cleaned up our copy and sending behavior icon placement in campaign Review pages.

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