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Exports Are Back!

We’ve worked hard to rebuild our export tool so that you can grab your user data as a CSV whenever you need — to review, analyze, or even import into other tools.

The possibilities are great. Export data using the same handy AND/OR filtering rules in our People Section for any combination of segment and attribute conditions.

Whether you want to examine monthly data regarding new signups or take a closer look at your best customers — the info is a few clicks away.

How to Export User Data

First, check that you’re in the correct environment. Then head to the People section.

If you want to export ALL your customer data, click on the Export to CSV button, without selecting any conditions.

Otherwise, choose any combination of segment and attribute condition filters. You can also mix and match segments by using AND/OR conditions and selecting in/not in operators. (Remember to click the check mark to confirm a condition, or the X to remove it).

Let’s go through an example. Say you want to export user data for everyone who’s not on an annual billing plan AND named John. Run your condition filters first:

Filtering users in

Once you see the filter results, click the Export to CSV button. Get back to your busy day, go grab a coffee, or sing a happy song — you’ll get an email when your export has finished processing and is ready to download.

Clicking to see list of exports

Or click on See Exports to view your full list of exports and their status. (Refresh the page to update processing or download status.)

List of exports

Note that we process exports one at a time, in the order in which they were started.

Get Analyzing

Gain insight by running analysis in Excel, Google Docs, or other data tools like Datahero. Need to convert unix timestamps back into a readable format? Head here for a handy Excel formula.

We’re excited that it’s easier to pull your data to view and use how you see fit!

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas for exports. Leave a comment here or email us at!