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Exporting Your Data in Segments

In the past if you wanted your data in a CSV, you’d have to send us an email and we would (usually quickly) run an export on the server and send you your CSV.

Exports used to cause strain on the system

We provided exports this way because when people have millions of rows of data, it caused strain on our servers designed to handle a few requests at a time. With our old code, exporting large amounts of data could take hours to run.

We re-wrote exports from scratch and they’re flying now.

Exports are now super fast.

We’ve added a new data streaming service with an API to give you access to your data – . The first thing we’ve added is exporting your customer and segment data. We’ve also added a new button in the UI. Most exports will take just seconds and if you’re running an export of 5 million rows, the export takes minutes not hours!


You can now export:

  • All of your customers
  • Everyone in a segment
  • Everyone in some combination of segments

You’re free to explore your data and import in to other services.

With exported data, you can run your own analysis in Excel / Google Docs. You can even upload the data in to another system like our friends and customers Datahero where you can do a lot more analysis.

If you wanted to, you could even just use for our real-time segmentation and export lists to send emails from Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp.

Enjoy exports. It has been one of the most requested features.