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Email Logs

There were 2 places to find emails that sent. You could look up a person and see every email they’ve received. Or you could look at a campaign and see what was sent recently.

We’ve now added a third – Email Logs.

Email logs show a list of every email you’ve sent from

The default view of Email logs is a stream of the latest emails sent. You can also get a more specific by filtering.

You can filter to:

  • Emails sent to a specific email address.
  • Emails with a particular subject
  • Emails from a particular campaign
  • Emails that were opened
  • Emails that were clicked
  • Emails that drove a conversion
  • Emails that were marked as spam 🙁
  • Emails that failed to be sent
  • Emails that bounced
  • Emails that were sent successfully

Here’s an example filtered down to every email sent to me:

Email Logs

Get all the details about the email archives the content of every email you send. The Email Logs unlock your ability to find that content and see everything you need to know about it.

Detailed view

Fix errors in failed emails

Emails can fail to send – most often due to missing data. Email Logs make it easy to find all of those failed emails:

Failed emails

View the email to see and correct what was wrong, and then retry or delete the emails.

Delete the email

Email logs give you a huge amount of visibility in to what’s happening in and will be one of the foundational pieces of V3 of

You can grab a sneak peak of the new V3 of and the Email Logs feature by logging in to