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Beta feature alert: Drag-and-drop editor!

For a long time, we’ve been hearing your request for a drag-and-drop message-builder – and today we’re proud to announce a beta release of exactly that. Now, without any required HTML/CSS knowledge, you can easily build drag-and-drop emails that work consistently across email clients— with all the power of customer data that you’ve come to expect from

“Beta” means we need your help as we continue to develop it; this is part of a much greater goal, that of making all types of messaging experiences easier and more intuitive to build in

Read on to find out what’s changed, how to use the new editor, and how to give us feedback!

Opting in for beta

When you create a new email and go to add content to it, you’ll be asked if you want to try the new drag-and-drop editor:

Drag and drop modal

You’ll have to explicitly opt in to do so for each email by choosing the beta option. Alternatively, if you’d rather not use this feature at all until it’s out of beta, you can opt out here, and keep using the text and code editor that you’re used to.

Easy drag-and-drop elements

Drop in both structural and content elements to quickly design responsive emails that appear consistently in all clients. Check out this example of creating a responsive four-item menu:

Four-item menu

Build from scratch, or get a jump start!

Once you’ve built your first email from scratch, you can use any emails built in that editor as a starting point for new messages:

Start from previous email

If you’d like to define and save templates to work from, that’s something we’re looking into for a future iteration. Your feedback will be invaluable there, so feel free to let us know what kinds of templates you’d like to save by emailing us at

Using and previewing customer data

This is a little different to our previous editor. You’ll find customer, event, and broadcast data in the Merge Tags dropdown in the text editor. From there, you can use Liquid attributes and logic as you always have:

Merge tags

A few things to remember

Got feedback?

This is a beta feature, which means that we are actively looking for your feedback to help shape it going forward. Here are a few questions to guide you, as you’re building your emails…

  • Is there a feature missing that you’d expect in an editor like this one? What do you need to accomplish that the feature would enable?
  • Is it really easy (or difficult) to build those emails? Is there anything in particular you’re struggling with? Why?
  • Is personalization and adding customer data intuitive for you? Does it look as you expect when you test it?
  • Is our copy clear? How about our documentation? Can we improve any of it?

…and as always, we’re here to listen if you’ve got questions or need a hand at!