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Export Your Campaign Delivery Metrics

You’re probably checking your campaign delivery stats on a regular basis. Now you can export those metrics for your triggered campaigns — including the number of emails sent, delivered, opened, clicked, converted, bounced, spammed, unsubscribed, dropped, and failed.

We’ve made all the data used to build the campaign email performance charts available in CSV format. To grab it, go to the campaign’s Overview page and scroll down to the Recent Metrics section. Select your time range and click the Export to CSV button.

Campaign delivery metrics

If you’d like to see the data for an individual email within a campaign, make sure to choose that email from the dropdown menu of the All-Time Metrics section.

Email within campaign - delivery metrics

We’ll email you when your export is done! You can also access the export from your Exports page.

Once you open your export CSV file, you’ll see that the first column is filled with unix timestamps. Here’s a quick walk-through of how to convert that column into human-readable dates and times.

You’ll also see:

  • campaign_name: This is the name you’ve given your campaign.
  • campaign_id: This is how we identify your campaign. You’ll see this id # in the URL of your campaigns. In case you change a campaign name, you can still rely on the campaign_id for comparing export data.

What is a campaign ID and name?


  • template_name: This is the name you created for your email.
  • template_id: This is how we identify your email. In case of email name changes, you can always use this template_id for comparing export data.

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