6 Reasons to Migrate to Customer.io’s New Delivery Platform

Starting January 1, 2020, Customer.io will be migrating to a new email delivery platform to improve our email sending infrastructure. We will handle the migration process, but we need your help to complete the transition. All you need to do is simply update your DNS records in your Customer.io account, and we’ll take care of the rest!




Take advantage of some the features we’ll be able to build on our new infrastructure:

Note: The functionality listed here is not currently available in Customer.io
  • Reply Tracking. Notify Customer.io when a user replies to your emails and use that information the same way you use other email metrics (like open/click) within our segmentation and campaign engine.
  • Inbox Placement. Inbox Placement provides insight into where your emails land within the mailbox for a variety of mailbox providers – whether it’s the inbox, spam folder, or a specific tab.
  • Email Address Validation. Prevent typos and eliminate hard bounces from impacting your email deliverability. Email address validation allows Customer.io to automatically verify all email addresses prior to sending any emails.
  • Send Time Optimization. From scheduling a newsletter to distributing messages throughout the day, send your email at the “right time” based on how your users interacted with your emails in the past!
  • Email Reputation. Your sending reputation is based on a lot of factors, but most of these factors revolve around aggregate recipient responses to emails you send from a particular domain and sending IP address. Try separating your marketing and transactional/lifecycle to improve your email reputation.
  • Send Reputation. Be proactive and get ahead of your deliverability issues before they cause your reputation to suffer and take months to repair. Our tools will identify and take action on behaviors known to lower reputation.


Things to know


We are moving all of our customers (big and small) to our new delivery platform to improve performance and leverage new features.

Start The Transition
Updating your DNS records only takes a few minutes. Sign into your Customer.io Account, navigate to Workspace Settings, and click Email Settings.

Next, go to the Deliverability Migration tab and select Configure to update the DNS record.

As soon as you add and verify your new DNS records, we’ll begin migrating your account to our new delivery platform.

Low Volume Senders
We mean it when we say it will only take a few minutes to transition to our new email delivery platform. After you configure your new DNS records, you’re done!

High Volume Senders
If you send high volume email campaigns, we’ll slowly migrate and monitor your send volume over time to ensure your email sending reputation is not impacted by this change.

We’re Here to Help
Updating your DNS records should be easy, but if you have any questions or feedback, please send them over to win@customer.io.




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