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December Release Notes

At, we want to help you maintain a healthy relationship with your audience. Part of that is making sure you don’t wear out your welcome. This month, we added a feature to help you limit the messages you send and respect your audience’s inbox. Read on to learn what other new features we shipped in the last month.

What’s New?

Message Limits

You no longer have to worry about filling your audience’s inbox when you schedule a new message. You can now set a limit on the number of messages a person can receive within a specific time frame. This feature helps prevent you from overloading people with messages, so you can maintain a positive relationship with your audience. To set a message limit, go to Settings > Workspace Settings and click Message Limit. Learn more here.

How to Enable Message Limit

CSV Import Improvements

We reduced the steps required to add and update people using CSV files in, helping you avoid mistakes and put your CSV files to work faster. When you successfully upload a new CSV file, you’ll also find new options to create and update existing manual segments using your CSV import.

Complete import and create a new manual segment

Tracking Metrics for Custom Unsubscribe Pages

Before now, if you wanted to use a custom unsubscribe page, we didn’t have a way for you to track unsubscribe metrics. That’s no longer the case. We added a new API you can use to report when people visit your custom unsubscribe pages. Now you can see unsubscribe metrics and identify the emails that result in unsubscribes. Get going and take advantage of re-engagement campaigns after people unsubscribe!

Attribute Exports for Data Warehouse Sync

We updated our data warehouse sync feature to include a new Attributes export file, capturing profile attribute updates. Now you can sync attribute changes to your data warehouse. Learn more about data warehouse sync.

New data warehouse integrations will automatically export Attributes. If you have an existing integration with us, contact and ask us to enable the Attributes export!

Set Sending Behavior for Workflow Actions

Previously, you couldn’t modify the sending behavior for workflow actions programmatically—you had to do it through our UI. You can now change the sending behavior (sending_state) for workflow actions using our APIs.

3 New Liquid Filters

Take advantage of our new subtract_day, subtract_month, or subtract_year liquid filters to personalize messages using complex logic or to modify dates in your message.

That’s a wrap for now. We’ll see you next month! In the meantime, follow on Twitter to get updates about the latest releases and improvements. Questions? Comments? Send them to