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December 2017 Release Notes

New & Improved

API credential management: you can now generate and rotate your own site ID and API keys.

Layout Usage: On each Email Layout’s page, you’ll now be able to see exactly which campaigns and emails it’s used in. This should be helpful when you’re making changes and want to know what’s affected!

layout index example

CTRL/CMD+F: This shortcut now works in the Layout editor. Small but mighty! We’re looking into adding even more shortcuts — got any favourites?

layout "Find" keyboard shortcut example

Beta volunteers?: We also started a beta test (as advertised in a recent newsletter of ours) for a new campaign type: triggering campaigns via our API! Interested in participating? Let us know!

Everyone’s on our new infrastructure!


Everyone has now been migrated to our new, faster, more stable infrastructure.

December 27th, as our Director of Engineering says, was a hugely important day. We took a moment in Slack to celebrate:

Slack message saying: "Yesterday was the end of an era! We decommissioned the vast majority of the OVH machines. We

Bugs Squashed

Getting to the right place

  • Navigating to showed an eerily empty UI. We’ve fixed that!
  • Dismissing an error message when editing a segment now won’t crash the page.
  • Some folks were getting into a redirect loop on login. We’ve un-looped them, and it won’t happen again!
  • If you’re using IE11, the app won’t crash during campaign setup.
  • We fixed a frustrating issue that kept logging out some folks from their accounts.

Thwarting message madness ✏️

  • In the email editor, we were stripping out cellspacing HTML attributes; we’re not doing that anymore.
  • Line breaks now display properly when previewing Twilio SMS actions.
  • Javascript in the Layout editor now will no longer execute.
  • Ensured that emails won’t get sent to the BCC when sending a test email.

Correcting and optimizing what you see

  • When viewing an individual newsletter, you can now search through all email addresses in your account. Previously only the first 50 people from the “Sent” page were showing up in the search.
    newsletter individual view
  • For non-email actions, we now show the action name in the logs, rather than “(no subject)”.
  • In the UI, we started displaying which campaigns of yours have been made re-enterable, if any.
  • There will no longer be empty domains listed in your Deliverability index.
  • Attributes with empty names won’t be saved, and our error messaging will now be more helpful and indicative of that!
  • We’ll show an “Are you sure?” check when you disable webhook and/or attribute update actions.
  • Email delivery failure reasons will now always display properly.
  • Your draft counts will always be in sync; now, if you delete an action, we’ll delete its drafts too.
  • We had to remove the ability to sort by draft count—it was causing lots of performance issues.


Before we label an email delivery as ‘Failed’ — we’ll attempt to send each email up to eight times over a 3-hours period. We’d previously described this retry window as attempting sends “ten times over a three-hour period”, which we found wasn’t accurate.

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