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Next version of in Public Beta

We released the next version of (V3) in to public beta yesterday.

All existing and new accounts have access to this version at

Here’s a screenshot of the dashboard in the new app:

New dashboard

What’s different?

We renamed some features:

  • “Behavioral” and “Transactional” email are now combined under Triggered Campaigns. There are Event Triggered campaigns (the old transactional) and Segment Triggered campaigns (the old behavioral). There’s also now feature parity between these two types.
  • Newsletters were renamed Manual Emails. Newsletters are a use case for sending an email to many people all at once. The rename better reflects the broad ways people are actually using the feature.
  • Customer Profiles are now People. Customers was the wrong term when not everyone is paying you. People is a general term that may cover users, customers, leads, prospects or any way you want to think about the information you’re adding to
  • Logs are now Activity Logs to differentiate from email logs.

What is new?

  • Email Logs
  • Drafts (all your unsent emails in one place)

What has improved?

This is a ground-up rewrite of both the API and application. This has enabled us to address some frustrations people have with the old app like making sure that:

  • Every page now has a unique link
  • You can click on links to open in a new tab / window
  • Pages load data faster and navigation is faster.

We’ve also bee able to make improvements to specific areas in the app:

What is not yet finished?

There are three areas in the app that are not currently finished:

  • Profiles
  • Segments
  • Settings

For each of these areas, we redirect you to the current version of

When will the old app be turned off?

Our plan is to run the two versions side-by-side until you’re happy and we’re happy with the new version to replace the old one. Our preliminary schedule is the following:

  • 2 weeks – Make v3 the default
  • 6 weeks – v3 has every feature the current version has
  • 8 weeks – Current version of is turned off

What’s next?

This version of is the foundation for our product for the next 5 years. While we’ve been building v3, our ears have been open to your product feedback, but our hands have been tied.

I’m thrilled to be in a better position now to start building the product enhancements that you’ve all been asking for.