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Custom preview text (aka preheader) enters the editor!

This feature is available for accounts on the new Google Cloud infrastructure.

Your email’s preview text is one of the first things your users see. Also called the ‘preheader,’ it’s the small block of text which displays next to or underneath the subject line, and gives users incentive to open and read:

Gmail Preview Text example

Before, you could define this in, but only with some code-based workarounds. Now, you can easily add it as part of your email-composition workflow.

Technically, this is the first piece of text in your email body. Sometimes, this is OK— if your content begins right away, and is short enough to be a summary. But you might have text like ‘Is this email not displaying correctly?’, code, or other administrative details at the top of your email, and this doesn’t make for a great preview of your email’s content!

What’s changed?

To prevent you having to do this with any code-based workarounds, we’ve added an ‘Add preheader text’ option to the Subject line:

'Add preheader' in the composer

When you click this, you’ll get a separate option to add your text.

Adding a preheader - gif

You can use all of’s messaging powers here, including Liquid, to personalize this text. Keep in mind, though, that most mail clients will show between 35 and 75 characters. There are also a few older clients that don’t support preview text.

After you specify your text, just save it, and…

That’s it!

As always, if you’ve got questions, feedback, or need a hand, we’re here for you at!