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Create Campaigns with Confidence

You’ve told us that you love the flexibility of our messaging workflows. Anything you dream up, you can make happen in But, you have to understand some pretty complex concepts to make them a reality. With the latest changes, we’ve made the power of campaigns easier to understand and set up.

We’ve made three changes that we think will make building campaigns clearer. You’ll now be able to:

  • Tell us how your campaign should trigger, rather than have to choose between complex campaign types
  • Create a re-enterable campaign: Set how much time must pass before they can trigger the campaign again
  • Create a recurring campaign: People will automatically repeat the campaign at fixed intervals

One Campaign Type, Multiple Trigger Types

Triggers are now responsible for one thing only: determining when someone enters a campaign. We removed the concept of campaign types, so triggers and frequency settings are no longer tied so closely together. Instead, these distinct campaign behaviors are available to you to use as building blocks for the perfect campaign.

Need an event to trigger the campaign, but only want the user to receive the message once? No problem!

Need segment conditions to be true before someone can enter the campaign, but want it to repeat on set intervals? No problem!

Control Campaign Recurrence and Frequency

As we’ve learned more about your messaging strategies, we’ve found that allowing you to control how often someone enters the campaign means that you’re not looking for workarounds, but exercising your creativity in messaging. Regardless of the trigger, you are now able to specify whether the user enters the campaign one time ever, or if they can enter many times.

Segment Trigger Frequency Settings

Event Trigger Frequency Settings

Yes, you read that correctly. You can now allow users to enter a condition-triggered campaign more than once without writing into the support team!

Sometimes flexibility can be overwhelming in campaign creation. Don’t worry, by accepting the defaults, your campaigns will do the same things they’ve always done.

Create a Recurring Campaign

We’ve added a new frequency setting which allows you to easily set up recurring campaigns that re-trigger at set intervals.

Imagine a case where you would like to remind a user to log back into your app if they haven’t done so in 30 days. And maybe you’d like to remind them every week until they’ve done so. You can now set up a campaign that triggers when they enter the inactive - 30 days segment (1). Then, toggling the frequency setting to allow them to re-enter at set intervals, you can set the interval to re-trigger every 7 days (2). If they are still in the inactive - 30 days segment, they will receive the reminder again. If not, they will exit the campaign.

But What Happened to API Triggered Broadcasts?

We moved API triggered broadcasts into a new “Broadcasts” category along with newsletters.

API triggered broadcasts and newsletters address the same messaging strategy— target groups of people at once. Combining these two items into the more extensive broadcasts concept will allow us to expand the number of use-cases for messaging groups of people at specified times.

We’re excited about these improvements to the campaign set up and we think you will be too! Send us your thoughts and questions at or @customerio!