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Conversions – now with time windows!

For all your campaigns, you want to be certain that your messaging is driving the right customer behaviours, and setting conversion goals is a critical part of that. People are marked as “converted” for each campaign or newsletter when they enter or leave a segment you define.

But, folks asked, what about timing? When you’re gauging your messages’ success, you want to know not just that people entered or left your target segment, but that they did so within a specific amount of time. We’ve listened and now, you can do that!

What’s new?

You can still set your conversion goal as before, and the default behaviour hasn’t changed! When users enter or leave your goal segment any time after receiving any email from that campaign or newsletter, they’re marked as converted. And you can see that behaviour in the new dropdown:

The new conversions dropdown
The new default dropdown just surfaces how works right now: “any time after receiving any email from this campaign.”

Now, though, you have an extra layer of timing control. A customer can be marked as converted if they enter or leave your segment within some days, hours, or minutes after receiving, opening, or clicking on any email from that campaign or newsletter. Check it out:

Setting a conversion goal for within a specific time
Setting a ‘within’ time window for a conversion goal.

This allows you to better attribute conversions to a particular campaign or newsletter, and know that your messaging was timely and relevant!

In the future

As grows, we want to improve conversions even more, and have lots of ideas for how to do it— we’d love your input, too! Tell us about your use cases. Tell us about what you want to measure with your conversions. We want to help make it happen!

And as always, if you’ve got questions, feedback, or need a hand, we’re here for you at!