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Triggered Campaigns Major Upgrade

Since the first version of triggered campaigns back in 2012, our understanding of your needs has increased dramatically.

You’ve inspired us to re-architect and build the most powerful and sophisticated version of campaigns we’ve ever released.

Blocks to build with

Your need for control drove us to break apart the “Add an email” action into simple but powerful blocks:

  • Delay: Wait [ x ] Minutes / Hours / Days
  • Time Window: Wait until 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Eastern Time
  • Email: Send an email

By pulling the “Add an email” action apart, you now have more visibility into where your users are in the workflow and fine-grained control of your campaign behavior.

Here’s a look at our welcome campaign in the new workflow:

Safer, more confident changes

Want to reorder the emails in a campaign? Or insert a new two-day “Wait” in the middle? Those are changes that in the past were hard to explain and caused unexpected behavior. Now, both are clear and predictable.

Move an email

When you shorten or delete a “Wait”, those are changes that may cause people to proceed forward in the campaign. Now you know right away that’s going to happen so you can make edits clearly and confidently.

Shortening delay warning

Other immediate improvements

While a lot of the value in these changes are behind-the-scenes, there are some feature changes you’ll notice:

  • You can now run multiple A/B tests in each campaign
  • You can see how many people are waiting for the next email
  • In Event Triggered campaigns, you can now suppress unsubscribed people from receiving a message
  • The new campaign workflow screen is visually clearer and easier to understand

Rollout schedule

This release is rolling out in 3 stages:

  1. For all newly-created accounts [done]
  2. For any new campaigns created [July 25th]
  3. All existing campaigns migrated [September 30th]

The same great core ideas

The things you love about have not changed. We’re still looking for people who match your conditions in real time. We’re still removing people who no longer match. We’re still focused on helping you create meaningful relationships with your customers.

We think you’re going to love this release. If you’re about to create some new campaigns and would like access to the new version earlier, email and ask for an “Upgrade to Campaigns 2”.

Love, Colin & The Team