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Control when people leave your campaigns

This feature is available for accounts on the new Google Cloud infrastructure.

Until now, by default, people left a campaign when they stopped matching its trigger and filter conditions. However, this behaviour wasn’t visible in As a result, people were leaving (or staying in) campaigns unexpectedly. Not good!

We took heed, and are releasing campaign exit conditions today, a feature which allows you to define exactly when people leave your campaigns. They can leave when they…

  • no longer match your triggers and filters…
  • meet a conversion goal…
  • stop matching OR meet a conversion goal…
  • or they can move through the entire campaign, even if they stop matching

Here’s what’s changing:

A new workflow tab! (kind of)

You’ll see the new Goal & Exit page as part of your campaign’s workflow:

New goal and exit tab

In red is the new ‘Exit campaign’ feature, where you define your exit conditions: when a user will leave your campaign.

Define when people leave

We haven’t changed the default behavior of; people will still leave your campaign if they don’t match your trigger and filter conditions when it’s time to send them a message. The only difference is that this default is pre-selected and visible:

Default exit conditions

But you can also change this to tailor the goals of each specific campaign. Here’s how:

People can complete your whole campaign…

If you’d like to make sure that people move through the entire campaign, regardless of match, choose the first option:

Goal and exit for entire campaign

…leave when they meet your conversion goal…

Goal and exit on conversion

…or leave when they stop or convert

Goal and exit on match or conversion

Remember that when you want people to leave when they meet the conversion goal, you’ll have to define one before you can save the exit condition.

What’s next?

This feature is part of a greater goal to give you more visibility and control over how your campaigns will work— not just when people will enter them, but also when they leave! If you have any questions or feedback on exit conditions, drop us a line!

Questions, feedback, or need a hand? We’re here for you at!