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August Release Notes

Continuing the work we did with the new visual workflow builder earlier this summer, we introduced branching this month. Read on to learn more about our new features and smaller improvements.

What’s New?

Branching in Workflows

Branching allows you to split your workflow in order to funnel users through different paths. You may want to send them down a parallel path based on different characteristics, or personalize their experiences as their actions and characteristics evolve throughout the workflow.

Branch workflows allow for more complex and personalized campaigns that are easy to manage and intuitive to use. What would have been done with multiple campaigns and a lot of if/then logic, can now be easily created with branching. This allows two users to flow through the same campaign but receive completely different and custom tailored experiences.

For example, have someone pick their personal style for a clothing subscription box (pictured below). Depending on the personal style of the user, the messages they get and the cadence in which they receive them can be completely customized, all within the same campaign.

Use branches as you would any workflow items within the campaign builder. Check out the docs to learn how to build each branch type.

Smaller Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where images in our Basic layout expanded over the content table.
  • Added a date picker option for “is a timestamp before” and “is a timestamp after” when creating segments.
  • We made changes to the 2FA setup to prevent confusion.
  • We updated the pop-up that’s shown when deleting users to avoid accidental suppressions.
  • We now allow customers to reach their email content faster from the Workflow page.
  • All valid timestamps are now shown as human-readable ones, and phone numbers are now displayed correctly as well.
  • We fixed a bug where the People page would show an error when navigating to it from a delay/time window by upgrading our Ember.js version.

We’ll see you next month! In the meantime, stay updated with the latest releases and improvements by following on Twitter. Questions? Comments? Send them over to