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August Release Notes

Another month gone! In August, Push targeting leveled up, Newsletter sorting became more granular and performant, and quite a few existing features received enhancements. You’ll be hearing more about these in our upcoming emails (if you’re subscribed, that is)!


Now you can get even more personalized with your push notifications, with two improvements:

  1. Create segments based on whether or not a user has a mobile device. Use these segments as you would any others – action conditions, filters, and campaign triggers, to make sure that you’re only sending push notifications to those who can receive them!
  2. Platform-specific targeting allows you to specify, per notification, whether or not you want it to be sent only to iOS or Android users

New Features & Enhancements

  • Building on the ability to segment based on valid email address we shipped last month, all new accounts get auto-created segments for valid email address and invalid email address:

  • Attribute names are editable now!

  • We improved the performance of pagination, searching, and sorting of newsletters. You can use different time filters, sort Newsletters by date/time sent, or sort by scheduling time.

  • After making improvements to our email search UI and its performance, we added a tooltip which helps you get the most out of that search:

  • We now allow export of metrics for all sent newsletters, instead of just the ones that are displayed on the current page.

  • Our Settings code is still getting overhauled, so you might see a few small UI changes there, but the performance will improve!

A few bug fixes of note:

  • While profile attributes were being saved, there was a “Please fix before saving” tooltip around the “Save changes” button — no more!
  • If you click into a specific Newsletter and return to the main list, we persist any filters you had, rather than clearing them.
  • Capitalized attributes weren’t being included in your export searches — they are now!
  • We now ensure that no email webhooks are sent for suppressed users.
  • Segments being used by action conditions can no longer be deleted.

We’ll see you next month! In the meantime, stay updated with the latest releases and improvements by following on Twitter.

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