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April Release Notes

Since we couldn’t meet in person for our bi-annual company retreat this month, we met virtually for the first time! With team members in every timezone, we had events scheduled around the clock, which included hack projects, a day dedicated to learning something new, and an unforgettable bake-off competition. While everyone is still trying to navigate through the new norm, our team continues to push new features out the door!

What’s New?

Reporting Webhooks for Multichannel Message Activity
Our reporting webhooks allow you to send a real-time stream of data about your message activity to an API of your choice. Prior to this month, only email activity was supported. Now you can register up to ten URLs with and receive information about Email, SMS, Push, Slack, and Webhook activities as they occur. Webhooks are commonly used to pass data to analytics tools where it can be combined with other campaign performance info. Curious for more info? Look here.

Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta
Your team members can now login with Okta! This is our second SSO provider, joining the Google support we added last month. When Okta SSO is enabled, access to is restricted to team members in your Okta organization. Visit your Account Security page to enable SSO or let us know if you’re interested in a different SSO option.

Metrics for Workflow Branches
When looking at the metrics view in your campaign workflow, you will now see cumulative totals for all the opens, clicks, conversions, etc. that have occurred within each branch path. These metrics will help draw conclusions about the success of one branch path compared to another. Learn more about workflow metrics here.

Cancel In-Progress Newsletters
Mistakes happen. We’ve all been there. You can now cancel any Newsletter that’s still in progress, but we hope you never need to use it!

Smaller Improvements

  • On the “Review” step of CSV Imports, you can now tell us to create a Manual Segment containing all the people added or modified by the import.
  • When re-sending suppressed, failed, bounced, or undeliverable messages, we’ll use the newest “To” address instead of the original one. With this change, if a profile’s email address is incorrect, you can now fix it and easily re-send the failed message.
  • In the workflow builder, we added a label showing the ID for each item. You’ll find it useful when you need to reference part of your workflow in the API or when you have a question for our support team.

We’ll see you next month! In the meantime, stay updated with the latest releases and improvements by following on Twitter. Questions? Comments? Send them over to