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April Release Notes

The team kicked off April with a spring retreat in Playa del Carmen where team members created a few impromptu hack projects, including a Google Sheets Importer! That’s what you get when a team of engineers is together in a room.

New Features

Campaigns & Broadcasts

We’ve made three changes that will make creating campaigns clearer, but maintain the flexibility you love with our messaging workflows. You’ll now be able to:

  • Tell us how your campaign should trigger, rather than have to choose between complex campaign types
  • Create a re-enterable campaign: Set how much time must pass before someone can trigger the campaign again
  • Create a recurring campaign: People will automatically repeat the campaign at fixed intervals

Triggers are now responsible for one thing only: determining when someone enters a campaign. Even better, regardless of the trigger, you are now able to specify whether the user enters the campaign one time ever, or if they can enter many times. This also allows you to easily set up recurring campaigns that re-trigger at set intervals.

PSA: We moved API triggered broadcasts into a new “Broadcasts” category along with newsletters in the left side navigation. We also renamed “Triggered” to “Campaigns.”

Google Sheets Importer

The addition of the CSV uploader last year made it possible to update existing people without needing to ping your engineering team. Knowing that many of you use Google Sheets, we now provide the option to import people using a Google Sheet as well. We hope this simplifies your process when you need to make manual changes to your data.

Google sheets importer in

Smaller Improvements

  • Added Dutch and Italian translations for unsubscribe pages.
  • Added an “overdue account” alert to your Account Admin’s dashboard and subscription settings page after a second failed payment attempt.

Action Conditions Based on Event Data

For campaigns that are triggered by an event, you now have the option to determine whether or not to send messages or enter delays based on attributes in the event’s payload. This new action condition can be found next to attribute and segment conditions in each workflow item.

Action conditions based on event data in

Drag-and-Drop Editor

You now have the option to hide content on desktop when an email is opened. This allows a lot more flexibility to make layouts look great on any device they’re viewed on.

Haven’t used this feature before? When a specific content block is selected, you can find the settings on the content tab under block options.

Drag-and-drop editor block options

People Search

Do you often forget to include the “@” when searching for domains in people search? Yeah, us too. We came up with a solution that we hope will simplify that process without you having to remember to include the “@.” When you start to type a domain, a drop down will appear asking if you’d like to search for a domain starting with “”

People Search in

What’s Next?

Get excited for some changes coming in May, including the design refresh we’ve previously mentioned.

In the meantime, stay updated with the latest releases and improvements by following on Twitter. Questions? Comments? Send them over to

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