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April Release Notes

Two Big Beta Features

We released two new features in April that are still in beta (here’s what a beta feature means). Catch up on our announcements to learn more:

new native Action for your campaign workflow

Small Improvements

  • When you’re creating the trigger for your campaigns, you’ll be able to preview who matches your trigger and filter segments. Click the “View people matching conditions” link to see the potential recipients of your campaign!

preview who matches your trigger and filter segments

  • Also: brush up your segmentation skills with our newly published explainer on the difference between a trigger and filter.
  • We improved our profile suppression support and audit logging as part of our ongoing GDPR compliance efforts.
  • You’ll see a new “copy to clipboard” button for your Site ID and API Key (in your Integrations Settings for the API).
  • You’ll see when a newsletter has no content yet — same as our triggered campaigns.
    newsletter needs content reminder!
  • The Newsletters summary page displays a rounded number for “Sent” counts above 1,000. We recently improved the precision of that rounding. You can also always hover above the number displayed to see the actual count:

    hover power!


In our Drag-and-Drop Editor

Our drag-and-drop editor is in beta and thus begins our bug-fixing:

  • Fixed a bug which prevented you from selecting which email editor you wanted to use when creating variations.
  • Our untracked class wasn’t being added to the {% unsubscribe %} when previewing your drag-and-drop emails. It is now!
  • Sometimes, if you hit backspace to delete email content, you were taken back to the “select-an-editor” prompt. We don’t do that anymore.
  • Adding new headers to a drag-and-drop email didn’t enable the save button; it does now. Whew!

Everywhere else

  • If a newsletter had recently been deleted, you couldn’t delete a Layout associated with it. Now you can!
  • API Triggered Broadcasts with empty filters were being accepted. We fixed that going forward, while allowing in-progress Broadcasts to finish in peace.✌️
  • We did some spring cleaning of our old documentation and added 301 redirects to any counterparts on Let us know if you find any more!
  • Thanks to a little CSS fix, long attribute values will now wrap properly.
  • Fixed a problem where <a> links that were multiple lines long were messing with some link tracking metrics.
  • Labels for device tokens now appear correctly in Firefox.
  • Plus lots of ongoing performance improvements, courtesy of the superstar backend team!

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