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Advanced Logic for Your Campaign Workflow, Attribute Updates, and Campaign Matches

With the release of our new Campaigns workflow earlier this year and the addition of Actions, we’ve seen your use cases grow more and more sophisticated. Building campaigns that react intelligently, target the right users, and help you manage your data is now substantially easier with three new features.

Make your workflow smarter with conditional actions

Action conditions added to a slack message

After users enter your campaigns, you may want to message them differently based on their behavior. Until now, this has required creating multiple campaigns or building segments with more complex segments and filters. For some use cases, it wasn’t possible at all.

Action conditions added to a slack message

By bringing filtering on attributes and segments down to the Action level, it’s now possible to conditionally send or activate every Action in your workflow.

A few ways you can use Action Conditions in

  • Send tutorial emails only to users who haven’t performed key behaviors
  • Trigger Slack messages to your sales team for high value customers only
  • Follow up messages only for users who have interacted with the prior email
  • Send emails faster to more active users in a campaign

Learn more about how to configure your own Action Conditions.

Manage and update user data inside a campaign

Action conditions added to a slack message

You can now update your user’s attributes based on their behavior and interaction with your campaigns. Create, modify, or remove user attributes as your users move through your campaigns by adding an Attribute Update Action to your workflow.

Action conditions added to a slack message

Here are a few ideas of how you can use the Attribute Update Action in

  • Update a customer’s subscription date, for “account anniversary” campaigns
  • Mark a customer as a potential lead, or create cohorts
  • Set a customer’s next birthday, for birthday campaigns
  • Calculate a customer’s lifetime value

Learn more about how to configure your own Set Attribute Action.

Target your campaigns more effectively with new start options

Initially, campaigns in were configured to only process matches going forward—meaning whoever matched after the campaign started. This meant that it was a challenge to include users who matched your campaign conditions in the past, requiring extra configuration or help from our support team.

Action conditions added to a slack message

Now you can control who will flow into your campaign, whether you’d like to include all existing matches to your campaign condition (plus every match in the future), or only matching users who will meet your campaign conditions in the future.

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