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Save Time and Money with’s Ad Audience Sync

“Anyone who has paid media campaigns and uses HAS to use this feature—you’d be crazy not to—it’s a no brainer.” — Nick Lafferty, Paid Search Manager at Mailgun

Are you tired of manually uploading CSVs to create ad audiences? Say good-bye to busywork, and say hello to our new Ad Audience Sync!

Use to create segments for your ad audiences on Google and Facebook. Unlike other tools,’s Ad Audience feature automatically syncs every hour to keep your audience up-to-date in real-time—set it and forget it!

What Are Custom Ad Audiences?

Ad networks such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads allow you to upload a list of existing contacts to target a specific audience. This is typically a very manual process including spreadsheets and copying and pasting your data into each Ad Network.

We saw an opportunity to better manage your ad campaigns with and streamline the process for you by utilizing our segmentation as a replacement for manual list uploads.

How Can I Use Ad Audience Sync?

  • Show more relevant retargeting ads
  • Lower CPA with exclusion audiences
  • Improve lookalike ad campaign performance

What Our Customers Are Saying

“’s ad audiences tool is especially beneficial on Facebook where we’re paying for each impression—it allows us to be much more accurate and efficient with our spend. – Alli Hobbs, Marketing Manager at Purple Carrot

Ready to Get Started?

Learn how to connect your ad accounts to here.

Are there ad networks you’d like in addition to Facebook and Google? For example, we’re considering Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin, Quora. If any of these or other Ad Networks would be valuable to you, please let us know!