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Get Focus in the Activity Log with Filters

Now you can filter out the noise on a busy site. When all you’re looking for is the “invited_friend” event in a sea of other data, use filtering to hide everything else.

You can filter by:

  • attribute change
  • event
  • page view
  • email activity (sent, delivered, opened, clicked, converted bounced, failed to receive, unsubscribed, and spammed) activity log filtering

When you choose to filter by attribute change or event, you can further drill down by choosing a the specific name for that attribute or event. From this page, you can, as before, click through to see individual people profiles or individual emails in the email log.

Activity flows into in real-time, but we’ve set the default for this page to NOT auto-refresh so the stream of new activity doesn’t disrupt your view. If you’d like to see the activity feed in real-time, just set the Auto Refresh option to “On”.

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