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Product Update: A/B Testing + Delivery Window

Hi there,

I want to share a few things team has been doing to make your emailing life a bit easier.

A/B Testing

AB Testing Image

When we heard from many of you about A/B testing, we realized it wasn’t going to be easy to build the feature well. There were a few things we had to make sure you could do:

Test pretty much anything

  • Test subject lines
  • Test the timing of an email
  • Test the content of an email
  • Make it easy for you to know which one is better

Today, I’m pleased to share our first version of A/B testing with you. It is now turned on for behavioral emails in your account.

We just tested the subject line of our welcome email. In our test we found that the original subject line with the person’s first name in the subject line, had 10% higher open rates than our test subject line!

Here are what A/B test results look like:

AB Testing results

(you may have noticed in the image that yes, we do calculate statistical significance for you)

I’m excited to hear about your A/B tests as well as how we can improve the feature for you.

Set up your first A/B test

Delivery Window

Delivery window

Sometimes you want to control when people receive an email from you.

Maybe your sales team is in from 9am – 5pm eastern monday through friday and you only want emails from sales to be sent during those times.

You’ll now find an advanced feature for behavioral emails that allows you to set days of the week and times of the day for when the email will be be delivered.

Delivery Window

Schedule a delivery window

A sneak peak of what’s coming next

We’ve come to the end of the road with our current front-end. We’re using everything we’ve learned in the past year and a half of your feedback to make some big improvements.

The change will happen gradually over the next several months ultimately replacing all of the current code. We’re building this for you so as soon as we have something releaseable we’re putting it in your hands.

New Interface

A few of our goals with the new app:

  • Make it easier for you to filter and sort lists of things (campaigns, emails, people).
  • Make it harder to make mistakes (especially when sending newsletters).
  • Show you how successful you are (and get you a promotion?).
  • Improve application response times (make it fast, fast, fast)

What’s the biggest improvement to your job we could make for you?

The team would love to hear about it (email win at customer io) and try to address it as we build out the new interface.