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Year in Review: Top 20 Features From 2020

To wrap up the year, here are the highlights of what we delivered for you:

Brand new capabilities

  • Transactional Emails – Now, you can send emails by calling our API. Our transactional service provides a dedicated lane to create and send transactional messages independent of your marketing messages, ensuring the highest possible deliverability. If you haven’t sent a transactional email yet, learn how to create your first message.
  • Collections – A Collection is a new way to store data to help you represent static things in your business. You can query collections in campaigns and customize your messages based on people’s preferences and engagement.

Advanced tools for sending bulk messages

  • Multi-Channel Newsletters – Do you want to send a broadcast message to everyone who has a device ID? You can now send Push and SMS Newsletters, just like you’ve always done for email.
  • Sending Newsletters in User’s Time Zones – Your customers are located around the world; we can relate. Sending messages in your audience’s respective time zones helps you send messages at the right time.
  • Cancel In-Progress Newsletters – We hope you never have to use this feature, but if you do, you can cancel any Newsletter that’s still in progress.

Tons of new insight into message performance

  • New Dashboards – It’s essential to have access to metrics to help draw conclusions about performance. This year, we added several new views into your data, including the Workspace Dashboardworkflow metrics, and segment membership metrics.
  • Analysis Page – The new Analysis page allows you to compare metrics across multiple campaigns and broadcasts.
  • Custom Date Ranges – You’re no longer limited to 30 days, 12 weeks, and 12 month time ranges when viewing metrics. Custom date range pickers are now available for all the charts and tables throughout

Made it easier to manage your account

  • Workspace Permissions – Now, you can grant or revoke access to specific workspaces from the Team Members page, helping you manage the people and campaigns your teams have access to.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) – Enable Google and Okta SSO to grant and manage access within your organization. Visit your Account Security page to enable SSO.

More control over your campaigns

  • Stop, Restart, and Archive Campaigns – It’s easier to manage campaign lifecycles: temporarily stop campaigns while you make changes; sunset campaigns so people can finish the campaign and prevent new people from entering it; or stop and restart seasonal campaigns.
  • Additional Branch Conditions – We added other ways for you to customize your messages. You can add event conditions to True/False Branches and Compare Attributes in workflow branches.

New options for getting data in and out of your account

  • Data Warehouse Sync – If you want to sync all historical and future data from to your Data Warehouse, you can! You can automatically keep Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Big Query, or Snowflake up to date with your latest sending data.
  • Multi-Channel Reporting Webhooks – We commonly use webhooks to pass data to analytics tools where it can be combined with other campaign performance info. We added support for push, SMS, Slack, and webhook message activity, and the option to include message content in all events.

Tools for composing better messages

  • Snippets – No one wants to type the same information over and over. That’s why we introduced snippets! You can create reusable content—like headers, footers, and signatures—and insert them into your messages. 
  • New Design Options For The Drag-and-Drop Email Editor – It’s easier to customize your messages in our drag-and-drop editor. We now support the ability to change your entire message’s alignment, add icons, write comments, and set a custom number of columns for layouts.

Helped you save precious time

  • Waaaay Faster Campaign Workflow Builder – It now loads three times faster and cleanly renders large workflows without a bunch of unnecessary scrolling.
  • Create a Manual Segment From CSV Imports – On the “Review” step of CSV Imports, you can tell us to create a Manual Segment containing all the people added or modified by the import.
  • Manually Send Events – Want more ways to test and troubleshoot your campaigns before you hit send? You can now send events directly through the UI to test your campaigns and liquid logic in messages. 
  • Tagging for Newsletters and Segments – We added tagging to Newsletters and Segments to help you save time and stay organized.

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