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How We Made Better for You in 2018

More than 14,000 people from 1,100+ companies used to send 5.5 billion messages in 2018. That’s 174 messages sent every second! This past year we focused on making major improvements within the messaging and data areas of the platform.

Better Messaging Across More Channels

In 2018 we set out to become an every channel solution. We focused on enabling you to connect with your users where they spend the most time and on the channels they prefer. To do this, we introduced a push solution for iOS and Android, improved our multi-channel features, and made improvements to how you compose messages with

  • Push Notifications. Although email is still the most used messaging channel by users, we added support for sending push notifications within your existing workflow. This allows you more opportunities to connect with your users through their preferred method.

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor. Before the Drag-and-Drop Editor, you’d have to know HTML/CSS to manually build layouts. You can still go that route if you want, or you can use the editor to create well-designed, mobile-friendly emails without writing a single line of code.

  • API Triggered Broadcasts. With one simple API call, you can now trigger campaigns to specific groups of people that are targeted using all your segmentation and profile data. This gives your application direct access to start campaigns, including the ability to pass in data that will be used in your messages.

  • Multi-channel A/B Testing. We took all of the A/B testing capabilities for email and made them possible for Push and SMS. Additionally, you can now view multi-channel metrics for your entire campaign, or break it out individually for email, push, or SMS.

More Control Over Your Data In and Out

In the past, the only way to get data into was through our Javascript library, our API, or third party integrations like Segment. This year we worked to make getting your data in easier, as well as getting it out through our new API. In addition to accessing your data, we created a new view for you to easily get a full picture of all the types of data you’ve received.

  • CSV Uploader. With the CSV Uploader, you can easily import new users to your account without needing any technical knowledge or pinging your engineering team. You can also use the uploader to update existing users by either adding, modifying, or deleting their attributes.

  • Manual Segments. You can now use Manual segments instead of (or alongside) Data-driven segments when you need more hands-on control setting campaign recipients or excluding specific groups of people.

  • New APIs. The API now allows you to programmatically retrieve data on your customers, campaigns, segments, and messages. There’s a lot of data inside of—that belongs to you—so we wanted to make sure you have access to use in any way you want.

  • Data Index. The Data Index page is a new way to view a complete list of events and attributes that exist in your workspace. This is a great way to see where all your data is used, understand your team’s naming conventions, and view sample values.

We’ll continue to release new features in 2019 to help you have the most successful year possible. Want to know what else did in 2018 besides release these amazing new features? Check out our 2018 year in review to read all of our Company highlights including our new vision/mission/strategy work and design improvements rolling out this year.